Thursday, February 5, 2009

stuff I put between my legs.....

Sorry for the drought in posting...been busy!!
I recently switched companies which I work for..big change, went for snooze to hustle, feels good though its been awhile since I've mashed this hard, the hills in montreal are inspiring and crippling. do work yo!
I thought it'd be cool to show you all what i spend most of my time punishing:
this bikes got alot of history and its funny to think a few short months 
ago it came to me in pristine shape.

the top tube has done battle with my lock on countless ocassions the results are evident.
all that white crap is the salt which the city uses to melt ice,kill fish and make my beard taste nice, just imagine what happens and where it all goes when it melts.

I'm not sure this is what the njs had in mind when they certified a bunch of those parts.but hell it gets me around. 


  1. pretty stoked to see that frame still going... you aint the nicest person to bike parts and its still rolling.

    the paint was always supposed to fall off... i just couldnt make it happen as fast as you.

    raw metal in the cold has to be kinda sketchy, but i guess you are always wearing gloves. my nerd side makes me think youll end up with grips on the top of the drops when it warms up.

  2. Awesome!!! My bike has been getting pretty worked as well. The paint is still there, or at least more so than the De Bernardi. I've got dents and chips everywhere though. I also see you have no fenders on there. Is this just for the photo or have you been fenderless all winter?