Tuesday, January 20, 2009

shit that keeps me alive ( a product review)

So before I left Vancouver I got some gear to help ward off the -35 fuck show which is being a bike messenger in montreal. Among these Items are these three pieces. So in an effort to enlighten you as to how much  they do or do not suck heres a review.

first up mec cyclone tights $69:
ok so these are basically my favorite thing ever and I highly recommend them to anyone needing a waterproof,  simple, tough and cheap pair of cycling pants.
at 69 bucks they're hard to beat, i wear them under my black jeans and thus no one notices they're super dorky looking.
Next mec expedition weight long johns $37:
while they sell for 37 dollars they're worth about as much as the ball crust they accumulate after a few days work ie: not very much.
they're not warm and fall apart there for save your money and get some army surplus shit.
Rocky goretex sock $65:
ok well 65 dollars for socks is really fucked, i agree but you know what.. dry feet are priceless.
they keep your feet really warm as well i assume cause they trap body heat and what not,who knows. one thing i do know  is after a day of mobbing around in slush, salt and shit my feet stay dry. my only complaint is that the cuff around the top falls off, no biggie though cause your no idiot, just sew that shit back on.....
some people i know complain that these leak, however, i haven't had any problems other then the smell currently eminating from mine.

 I hope this has been educational, maybe i'll do some more reviews in the future i wreck alot of shit so I got a fairly good idea what sucks..


  1. Great review dude.

    I'm currently in love with my wool Sugoi tights that I found at the Value Village on Hastings. They have two layers on the knee, and a rayon 'pad' so they don't bind in the saddle.

    I'm also about a month into using some Lake SPD boots. They're fucking incredible.

    Though, the NYC winter isn't THAT cold compared to Montreal. So far the coldest riding I've done here is around -15°C at 58% humidity.

    Speaking of which, I may be coming up for the Coupe Des Glaces race.


  2. +1 on the goretex socks! love those things!