Sunday, January 4, 2009

things that get me stoked.

I thought i'd share a few things with you today that i feel are radical:
inspiring art kids who go on neat adventure on boats made of garbage(enough said)
Andrew mosley
my bud drew can really draw and paint, hes super positive and gets me stoked to make work of my own, above is a drawing of his. he also is a kick ass carpenter and as soon as he move to montreal were gonna stop the earth from turning when our creative juices bro down.
This kid torey lives in NYC and rides a track bike very well, it seems as well that he is very good at pretty much everything else and hes got a great "tude".
Salt and Peppa and their song none of your buisness...... current favorite song..get stoked!


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  2. dear duncan,

    i was driving home from work today listening to the radio when the dj played Mountain Goats. it made me think about hanging out at frs, blasting it, and that made me really stoked.

    ...i am going to make it

    through this year

    if it kills me...